I offer one-on-one mentorship/coaching for writers of any level and manuscript evaluations for works-in-progress. I work in the genres of fiction, memoir and non-fiction. Please contact me directly for rates and availability.



Buffy is the best editor I’ve ever had. She has a laser sight for finding the beating heart at the centre of any unfocused early draft. I’ve hired her for both short story and novel excerpts and with both she was direct, gentle, insightful and precise. She has a way of breathing new life into stories that are stuck without interfering with the style and dignity of the work. I always come away from her notes re-energized and newly in love with the writing process. I would recommend Buffy as editor for anyone who takes their work seriously and wants honest insight from a gifted professional writer.   —Lindy Carter

Buffy is both an ideal reader and an expert diagnostician. She has an intuitive understanding of what makes good manuscripts work, from structure down to sentence. She is excellent not only at articulating issues, but proposing simple and elegant ways to address them. Good, reliable editors are hard to find. Great ones are even harder. Buffy is highly recommended to anyone who wants to improve their writing. — Geoffrey Hlibchuck

I’ve known Buffy for five years, having attended several of her courses and workshops in creative short fiction. As her student, I experienced her ability to inspire and support many different writing voices. For me, a hopeful new writer, this was both meaningful and rewarding as well as remarkable, as teaching can dampen the creative spirit. Under Buffy’s guidance, I found the courage to climb on board a wonderful secret writing ship with Buffy as the captain, taking me further on a writing journey than I thought possible. She inspired, tested and persisted in sharing her considerable knowledge and intuition about writing. I’m forever grateful to Buffy for helping me to find and hone some writing chops and to read like a writer. I am pleased to recommend Buffy Cram as an amazing teacher and mentor and as an inspired and dedicated editor.   — Kate Scoones

Buffy is a superlative mentor and editor. I have rarely been as creatively excited as I was at the end of my first drop-in writing class and every subsequent class or workshop of hers I attended. She has it all: knowledge, experience, humour, killer editing skills and honesty. And, she’s very good at giving a well-aimed kick in the creative pants as needed! Buffy launched me into writing short stories and my first novel. Without her mentorship and learned editing of my manuscripts, I’d still be just thinking about writing instead of doing it.   –Margaret Laxton

I used Buffy’s editorial services whilst struggling with my memoirs recently and found her comments extremely perceptive.  Her suggestions enabled me to push forward, knowing I could rely on her judgement when I needed it. She is also sharp at picking up on punctuation and grammatical blips!   –Ann Kujundzic

I have taken creative writing courses with Buffy, and she has critiqued a number of my pieces of fiction. In every instance I have found her feedback to be astute and insightful, and I can say without any hesitation that I have become a much better writer because of it. She can spot grammatical faux pas from fifty paces, and show you how best to eliminate them. She’s good with plot, too.    –Jeremy Sagar